Layla Is Seven

Happy Birthday!!

My favorite girl is seven today and like every year it’s hard to believe. She grows and amazes me with something new everyday. She’s so loving and caring towards others, she has a great sense of humor and anyone who knows her is so lucky to have her in their life.


She’s getting older and with that comes a little bit more responsibility. Over the summer we added a couple of choirs to her plate and she’s been pretty good about getting them done especially if she’s able to get tablet time after…lol!


She’s seven, does that mean I have to let go of the reins a little? She mentioned yesterday that now that she’s seven that she can go outside with her brother when he goes out to play with his friends. Up until now I have to be outside with her if she wants to go farther than the yard or her brother has to be in the yard with her. I’m just not sure she’s mature enough to just roam the neighborhood like her brother did when he turned seven.


What Is She Into

She loves dancing to music in her room with the door shut! Don’t let her brother barg in though..hahaha! She also loves her Ipad, for playing her music, watching YouTube and playing Roblox, all the things seven year olds are doing these days. She is a collector of stuffed animals and I swear after every purchase I say it’s the last one, but somehow we gain another. But there is one that has a special place in her heart and that’s Flo. Flo has been with the family since Layla was 5 months and even the family is attached to her.


Layla Is Seven

Every year we’ve taken birthday photos and I look forward to it! I don’t know how many more years she’ll let me, but I’m hoping for another few years. I’ve added all of the favorites in the gallery below and please leave my baby girl birthday love in the comments!